A downloadable bismuth for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Hey! This game is about 10 minutes long, but could get buggy around the halfway mark. You'll notice a lot of inconsistencies in the art (alongside some placeholder images). I'm sorry about that - as it's the first game I've made, I left myself a lot of room to experiment with the visual style. Some of it works, but some of it definitely doesn't! Thanks for being patient and for giving it a shot, warts and all.

This game was made with guidance from the inimitable Pixelles. The rad chiptune witch jams were a gift from sound fellow Kristian Noel Pedersen.

Upcoming improvements:

-make the art more consistent

-offer more feedback to the player to guide their choices (score thing of sorts, plot and art extras corresponding to the paths they take, etc)

-oh and finish the story. It's not done!

Install instructions

You should be able to play it by clicking on the icon that says "Bismuth"! If there's any trouble, try opening it with Ren'py: https://www.renpy.org/latest.html


BISMUTH-1.0-all.zip 427 MB

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